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Enhetens kompetens innefattar tekniska såväl som pedagogiska forskare och utvecklare med inriktning mot IT och lärande.

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And Tiina Leino Lindell is a Ph.D student who works with us. She investigates students’ use of mobile devices in school. Her aim is to increase knowledge of how mobile technology supports students’ problem-solving activities. Her research project is done in cooperation with the municipality of Mariestad in Sweden, where she is also employed as a teacher.

  • Hillman, T., Weilenmann, A., Jungselius, B., & Lindell, T. L. (2015). Traces of engagement: narrative-making practices with smartphones on a museum field trip. Learning, Media and Technology, 1-20.
  • Lindell, T. L., Hrastinski, S. Skogh, IB., (2015). Exploring Students’ Multimodal Mobile Use as Support for School Assignments. [Conference paper, ASEE conference]
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