Master student at Publication Infrastructure (PI)

Tong Sichao from China is a master student at the unit of PI this year. Her mentor at PI is Per Ahlgren.

What will you do at the PI unit during your year here?

As a visiting student at the PI unit in KTH library, I will do my master thesis research about Scientometrics and network science. In addition, I’ll learn the knowledge about SAS which is taken into practice proficiently by PI unit.

Why was it Sweden?

Why was it Sweden? Frankly speaking, I haven’t given much thought about this question when I got the chance and scholarship about visiting research. However, Per Ahlgren, who does co-research with our group in China, gives me a deep impression, with his rich and interesting life experiences, his perfect knowledge structure and his scientific academic studies. I’m lucky that I can be co-directed by docent Per Ahlgren and professor Yang (my Chinese supervisor). Per speaks highly of the embracing openness and inclusiveness about KTH, and I have also got those positive information from the social media. A strong desire to KTH flashed in my mind. Now I am here :D.

How do you like to be here?

Before I come here, I have already knew a little about this country, such as the critically-acclaimed Swedish music and film. I thought I got some impressions about Sweden from the movies, such as the Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann, the Fanny och Alexander. However, the beautiful sceneries and the fresh air impressed me much at the moment I set foot on this land. Even, I found that it just like the wine in the cellar give me more and more surprises and lovely feelings as the days passing, our friendly and efficient PI unit, the opening and free culture, the environmental and clear lifestyle, and the respect for life(what really touched me so much).

What do you think are the differences between Sweden and China?

I’m a foodie exactly, hence I focus on food firstly when discussing this question. :D There are many differences about food, especially on cooking methods and preference taste. In addition, there are great differences of culture, climate and festival between Sweden and China, thus the two countries are beautiful and shining in their own ways. I'm deeply attracted by them.

Have you discovered anything here in Sweden that surprises you or amuse you?

As mentioned above, what touched me deeply is the attitude toward life. In Sweden, I have known that every life deserve respect and no pains, no gains. For the people here, animals are more like their friends than pets. And the animals, seem to be influenced by the atmosphere, are more happy and polite. Besides, high-efficiency working attitude and strong team cooperation skill also surprise me. I think I can learn a lot from them during my time here.

How do you live in China - where did you grew up, where do you live now and what is your university in China?

I grew up in Leshan, an ancient historical and cultural city located in Sichuan Provinces, it’s famous for various of delicious food, beautiful natural scenery and relax lifestyle. I have a happy family, my father, my mother and I. My father and my mother are teachers.

I got my bachelor of information science and information management in Central China Normal University, after that, I continued to do master study of Scientometrics in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I lived and studied in Beijing before I come here.

What do you want in the future - for example future occupation, and where do you want to live?

About the future, it’s a long journey, I don’t want to limit it in some big goals such as I want to be a artist, I want to be a scientist, or I want to have three children. I just give myself some small goals every periods, such as finish my master thesis around the views what I really interested in, finish my eight countries’ travel and finish my 50 drawings this year. Then, period to period.

Often times, the goals we set and our goal achievement process are subjected to a lot of changes along the way, due to varying obstacles, unanticipated circumstances and changing priorities. The small adjust from period to period gives me a macro-view of my initial vision and lets me recognize how my current vision differs from the past.

Last but not least, I'm deeply attracted by Sweden, I love it and I appreciate it. :D

Interview by: Cecilia Wiklander

Photos: Private

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